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New car shopping ....

on Sun May 21, 2017 12:59 pm
Decided to spend some time today seeing a few bits, as it's the only real way to see where to go next ...

First up - GT86 ... they are going to call me for a test driver - but first impressions are quite good ... more space inside than Lu would imagine .... quite like the looks from the outside, and the reviews are very good ....
Where I would buy one - just can't see it. Feels like a kids car .... or maybe a car where's every mile was fun ... but in London, I think it doesn't really add up.

Next up - Audi S3 ...
Booked a test drive for tomorrow - quite like these .... space for the family - refined enough I guess when out with the family, hopefully crazy enough when not ... we'll see.

Golf GTI - as above, more affordable, and possibly more fun (front wheel drive verse all wheel drive)) .... close up the proportions are a bit stodgy ... didn't have a GTI or Golf R on the demonstration fleet at this time - weirdly.

I also sat in a new R8 - nice - but with the engine off, it didn't really set my heart racing ...

Will update after the S3 drive tomorrow ...

Bombing around in the BMW today told me 3 things ...
1. I want more pace
2. I want more noise ...
3. Because I spend some much time at slow urban speeds, or sat at traffic lights ... a decent interior matters more than if I lived on the Evo triangle (for example) the best

Not going to try any BMW's I don't think ....

Other route will be to look at the convertible E class again ...

Last thoughts were I saw a lovely Golf R32 ... !!!
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Re: New car shopping ....

on Sun May 21, 2017 4:47 pm
I'd be put off an S3 in some locations, including London, by stories of people being killed for the keys/car - it is the most stolen car in the country.
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Re: New car shopping ....

on Mon May 22, 2017 8:52 am
Will he won't he?

Ever buy a car!

The Golf R still looks the most complete package to me based on all the figures etc

If it was my money that's where it would be going

The look of the GT86 I like but it just doesn't have enough power and seems all about the wannabe boy racer. Today's equivalent of the newer shape Celica? That didn't have enough go either to ever compete against more powerful 2+2's
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Re: New car shopping ....

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