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Some Mates....

on Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:16 am
....are always there!


Known him years. Met him at a gig where his wife worked. Some C-U-N-T was giving me a hard time. Dave said, in his customary quiet manner:

Oi! Leave it!

That was the start of a firm friendship. 16 years so far Wink

Anyway, called last week. Asked if I could pick up a toy electric trike and give it the once over. I did. Found it needed a switch.

So, brought the Berlingerer to his and she's ready for testing!

We're like that,Dave & I. Haven't seen him for a year, but it was like we last spoke the night before.

I love him, his family and his dawg.

Some ARSE ran over Buster and drove off! They thought he had cancer or some such! Then the vet found the bruising from his neck to his tail Shocked

WHO could do that to a daft mutt the size of Buster? Retriever, old & deaf.

Anyway, it's been an epic few days. Helped him figure out a Vx Zaf and he helped spruce up the goose.

For sale if anyone wants a car/van....carAvan Berlingerererererer with a years test and lots of new bits and lots of proper work done for 650 quid you thieving baaaaaastarrds Laughing
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Re: Some Mates....

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:35 pm
Thats what you need in life Andoo!

Very few people like that in this big feckin' world
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