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Range Rover P38

on Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:27 pm
Awesome barge.

Suspension: airbag, comfy as. Easy to replace. but the pumpy bits & sensors can go wrong and if you haven't a clue you're screwed as you have to take it to Big Dave's Range Rover Repair Emporium.

Engine: Mines the reliable 4.0 petrol V8 with loads of grunt and more eco friendly than a super tanker

Box: 4 speed auto. Should have been a five speed, but it has the ability to go low ratio to get you up mountains. Nuff said.

Interior: : Leather, reasonably well laid out for a 17 year old car and most stuff works, but need to take the heating controller apart to clean the contacts. That'll happen when I get a chance.

Running costs: Four tyres in July cost 360GBP and just paid 300GBP for a set of winter tyres. However, this makes sense because I can get to work/gigs in far flung places in the worst winter weather. Also,if you crash off road due to driving summer tyres, the costs can spiral out of control. Lack of car means taxi's or lifts, lack of work, damage repairs or loss of no claims and so on. Currently getting 15+mpg but could possibly squeeze a smidgen more if I drove more conservatively Wink

As a car it does everything I need/want. It looks good in my eyes and after the initial outlay, has been pretty reliable so far. Next purchase will be brake pads and some tarting of the front grille.

I like it Very Happy
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Re: Range Rover P38

on Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:39 pm

Yeah I'd have one in a second if I could look after it.

Really it's always big enough, always 4 wheel drive enough and always powerful enough.

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