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Misfires & Missed Opportunities...

on Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:47 pm
Yesterday, I went with George to my mate Ian's garage as I'm still fukcing fukced and not at all pissed off about it Mad But what can I do when the NHS are doing their dammdest to ignore my concerns.... (actually speaking to Osteo bloke who is under the impression I have spinal damage (neck C6) as the initial tingling & pins & needles were ignored even though I said to several so called "health experts" about the arm troubles and pain all the way down to my thumb... He thinks the nerve for my arm is compromised due to accident damage (ignored accident damage). I'll be back when I know better, but new doc is bloody good aswell Smile

Anyway, back to Ian.... Serviced George after 10k of driving all over the shop. AND...found the source of the misfire that's been dogging me for months.

I knew it was MAF related, but after replacing everything it was still there and only occurred at "just on throttle" driving as in pulling away from a standstill, she felt weak and hesitation was a bitch, Foot further down and she was away, but scary enough to make my wife not like driving her.

So, the Idle Speed Actuator has a connection to the resonator pipe, which in turn connects to the inlet manifold. Air gets sucked in through the filter, into the MAF, through the resonator pipe and into the engine via the inlet manifold and valves... I digress. Anyway, where the Idle Speed Indicator joins the resonator pipe, there is a rubber washer held on by a shitty alu clamp that is simply folded and glued with black mastic. Well done Land Rover Rolling Eyes

So the washer looked like it had been walked over by a herd of elephants and the result was the system after the MAF was drawing serious amounts of air. That made the mixture weaker than Donald Trumps grasp on reality...

Some silicone applied and dried and George was smoother than Tony Blair at a war tribunal.

Now, I look forward to driving her again I love you cheers bounce So when I got up today, I had to go fetch m'laddo's Chrissy pressy so trundling through Friday traffic was a harmony of V8 burble and 32 on the SONY with a USB of Bob Seger and Journey blasting out with a bassy rumble sunny
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Re: Misfires & Missed Opportunities...

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:14 pm
I’ve looked at 2 Range Rovers recently, an old 2000 plate diesel and a 2005 petrol. Both very different beasts BUT what were LR doing with the design of the dash in the 2005 model???

Glad to hear you’ve got it sorted Doo
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