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Audi A1 S Like 1.6 TDI 2013

on Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:14 pm
Just a quick 'sit-in' review of...

a 2013 Audi A1 S Line 1.6 TDi 5dr.

Pros - nice interior. Probably the best of the supermini segment. Looks nice, feels nice, although not without the odd creak or flex when pushed and prodded. Quality is there..but not 'deep'.

Nice shapely S Line seats. Felt comfy and supportive.

Front cabin felt quite sporty and 'cocooned'. I always like black headlining too, looks so much nicer.

Engine on - quite rattly inside. Somewhat disappointing. Didn't feel very refined. Would no doubt be better when on the move i reckon, or at least, hope.

Average mpg from the last 5200 miles - 52mpg. Probably about right. Although i think the average combined is quoted at 70.6mpg.

Then...sat in the back...or tried to. Very little space. Legroom very tight and headroom very very that i couldnt have my head remotely straight. I would have to slouch down in the seat but thats not possible due to the limited kneeroom. There was a shape in the roof lining which i think was the buttons for the courtesy light? - but that wasn't the source of the lack of room and also, i couldn't see what the buttons were due to my head being tilted 45 degrees. The 107 which is a much smaller car has MUCH more space in the back, (and front actually) it's silly.

However, the A1 does have a much bigger boot than the for courses.

The A1 that i would like most would be the S1 with the 2.0, 230bhp engine.
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