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Audi A3 E-Tron mini-review

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:45 pm
Just a tiddler.


Nice inside.

It has a normal flip key....but no starter and just a button. Yes, I know lots of cars have starter buttons now...but they also usually tend to have just the fob, with no key bit (well, inside)
Anyway, the point of mentioning the key makes the car feel like it's been designed a bit...afterthoughty. The 'tacked on' starter button would also go with this. It's not a part of the dash.

Basically it tells me that the car wasn't designed with the E Tron version in mind.

BUT! I gather that the E-Tron was indeed planned from the start! So I'm talking rubbish and all of the above should be disregarded!

The A3 is a smart car inside and out. I think I prefer it now to the MK7 Golf which to me now rather...ordinary. GTI and R apart, they still cut. A.dash.


The mechanical and electrical side of things do seem to be nicely resolved. In electric only mode it's spookily quiet as is the norm. It also allows a bit more pace before the petrol engine joins in when compared to an Outlander PHEV...which you need to remain very gentle with to remain in elec only.

The cars driver (our accountant) tells me it will do approx 20-30 miles on elec with care which is the same as the PHEV.
However....I did a full bore launch in the E-Tron and it's swift! The combination of the punch of petrol noise and electric whirring when 'giving it some' is quite satisfying.
I gather the E-Tron is the same more or less as the Golf GTE. So perhaps this review is 2 for 1?
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