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2014 14 Peugeot 208 1.4hdi Active

on Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:56 am
I've driven a 2008 1.6hdi in top spec 'Camina' (or something) trim...and it was really nice, i remember being impressed with it.

This being the 208 is similar...but smaller...and Active trim is the base level (or near enough) and the lower powered 1.4 diesel engine.

So i expected a smaller, more basic and slower car..and that was what i got.

However - the 208 is definitely a better car than the 207. You can see and feel the similarities...but the 208 is just better.

I'm a fan of the small steering wheel. For my driving position, it doesn't affect the dials...and it feels nice to use in driving, a bit go-karty.

Decent driving postion, not bad seats (not bad means GOOD for PSA in my experience)

Easy, if clonky, gearchange (typical PSA these days).

Engine is smooth and pulls well enough. It's only got 70bhp so it's obviously not fast but it's flexible and a bit torquey. Pretty refined too. Long term mpg is showing on the computer as 61mpg, which is very nice if true.

The drive - is my kinda style. It's got little wheels but this helps the ride. No clonking from big heavy wheels and a nice smooth ride. French. And i like it this way.

Yet also in nice Peugeot style - i retains nice fluid handling and steering. It's a different kind of composure to say...a Fiesta...which is just 'on it' in most regards...but i still have a place for the French!

Practicalities - very important for us now with a 6 and 1 year old - i can sit behind myself fine. My legs just about touch the seat and my hair (yes, i have a few on the top) just about touches the roof lining..but at 6ft 2...that not bad.

Also, the front passenger can sit quite far forward due to the dashboard recessing which means decent space behind for a rear facing child seat - see..this is all important stuff.

The boot is fine, decent size and shape with a wide opening.

Minus points - the Active trim does feel a bit...basic (ie manual controls for HVAC when many cars these days seem to have climate buttons) and like..plastic steerin wheel, basic seat cloth, things like that. However it was fine, not bad.

Rear visabilty quite poor due to the thickish C pillars and kinda...oval shaped back window.

But...i like the car.

I'd LOVE a go in a GTi, they are means to be pretty damn decent - and they are the alternative option - thats kinda why i have time for French cars - they offer 'another way' to the norm German/Japanese stuff.

However - i maintain - in the supermini class - my favourite car driven in say...the last 18 months or so remains the 2013 Toyota Yaris 1.33! Probably partly because i wasn't expecting anything from it. I liked the interior, the room, the comfort was fine, and the thing was an absolute HOOT to drive, lovely snickety box and keen, strong and rorty engine. I had the Civic at the time - and to be honest it just emphasises how 'meh' the engine in the Civic was. The Yaris was altogether a much more fun car to drive.
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