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BONUS Twin Test! MINI and up!

on Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:39 pm
Driven today! 2006 MINI Cooper S (R53) and 2017 Volkswagen High up! 1.0 TSI

MINI first - great car when you are in the mood! All controls are very deliberate and mechanical, heavy. Satisfying to 'drive' but you do need to 'drive' it...there's no finger tip light steering or gearchange, and the clutch needs a hefty push, too.

But when you get it's very satisfying. Then ofcourse is the lovely supercharger! The lovely whine you get combined with the pull that gets stronger and stronger the faster you go. Pulls well from low revs, a bit like a diesel...but very undiesely in the way that by 5500 revs it's absolutely going 'like the clappers'! Tremendous fun and very go-kart like as you sit low, get bashed around and generally get an assault on the senses.

Interior still looks good, to. Different to anything else (non-MINI) out there. This one had the panoramic roof which really does change the 'ombeornse' of the interior. summarise - hard work....firm....heavy....but, fun, classy.

Onto the up!.

This one has the 1.0TSI (turbo 90PS) engine (which is related to the 118PS one that it's in the new up! GTI). The peformance it gives is very good.....but....and yes i have a but already.....i just....argh. The engine feels a bit too....diesely.

Not in it's sound or smoothness - it's a very sweet and smooth' just the power delivery and the very long gearing.

Straight away....the engine and gearing makes the car feel like more of a high speed cruiser (which it can do suprisingly well) but i want it to have more of a low speed fun feel about it (which the normal 60 and 75ps 1.0 N/A engines do). You need to work them hard...which in turn makes them sound and feel like they are trying....and you also get the better N/A throttle response.
Then there's the gearchange...which is very easy...but maybe it's too easy? It's almost the opposite of the easy...but perhaps...lacking in interaction? You need a little bit of effort required. And the aforementioned slightly soft throttle response (often normal for turbo engines) which again takes away a bit of the responsiveness.
The steering very light and a trifle aloof.

Perhaps it was all emphasises by going straight from the MINI to the up...which are very different to drive.

It's swings and roundabouts though....the TSI has far stronger perfomance than the N/A engines and more than capable to mix with anything on the road, generally. But you kinda....lose that like....connected feeling.'s a very accomplished car. It's a bit more spacious and much more classy in here than the 107, for example. It doesn't feel like a cheap car. Although, this is the High it's the poshest one, so it's not cheap, new.

But yeah.

I feel that i'd want something with more of the feel of the 107 (which has the connected feeling)...but with more peformance than the 107 (which just doesn't have enough IMO) BUT.....with a petrol engine that DOESN'T have that lazy diesel like feeling (so it would need to be N/A). The new C1/108/Aygo with the 1.2 engine mainly fix those issues.
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